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“Walter Rothwell's silver gelatin prints have to be seen in person to see the perfect example of quality printing with all its deep blacks & variety of tones.” Laura Noble, LA Noble Photographers Gallery.


When you purchase a print from me you are buying a beautiful silver gelatine photograph hand printed by an award winning darkroom printer.

Traditional printing is a fine art, unlike digital prints that can be run off by the hundreds, each darkroom print is unique. I have over 30 years of experience learning to draw the best from each negative using a wide variety of darkroom techniques. 

Each photograph is made using high quality Ilford 12x16 RC paper, archively washed and spotted. Signed in pencil on the back, the print is placed in a sheet of acid free tissue paper and sent in a purpose made print box. 


Prints: £185 (includingP&P)

Please use the contact form if you would like to order a print or ask me any questions.