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All the photographs on this website are available for sale.

Traditional printing is a fine art, unlike digital prints that can be run off by the hundreds, each darkroom print is unique.
You are purchasing a photograph that has been entirely produced by hand, by the photographer. I have over 25 years of experience in the darkroom, learning to get the very best print possible from a traditional film negative.

“Walter Rothwell's silver gelatin prints have to be seen in person to see the perfect example of quality printing with all its deep blacks & variety of tones.” Laura Noble, LA Noble Photographers Gallery.

Each photo is hand printed by me in a traditional darkroom on Ilford 12x16 RC paper, archively washed and spotted.Signed in pencil on the back, the print is placed in a sheet of acid free tissue paper and sent in a purpose made print box. A pair of print handling cotton gloves are included.

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If you are just getting to film photography but feel like darkroom printing is a bit of a mystery, please get in touch. I am an award winning printer and offer lessons in the fundamentals of printing through to advanced techniques. These can be conducted either in person of over Skype if you would just like to pick my brain! The cost is £50 per hour but the ultimate saving is yours as overcoming the initial mistakes saves you time and money in the long run, as well as discovering how creative and fun silver based printing can be.

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